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Description wedding invitation

Beautiful flowers to announce your union. This wedding invitation is an elegant example of the incessant flow of shapes and colors that we can go to please you. Providing very special characteristics to each of our flower drawings is how we can connect them to your equally particular sensitivity.

The envelope incorporates another watercolor drawing on the inside of the flap to increase its artistic and seductive effect. Two tones that never blend together stand out in this floral composition. Branches and buds appear in full harmony delicately distributed in the corners. A design to express that inexhaustible source of possibilities that the taste for everything natural can materialize in one of our compositions.

Along the same lines, with that evocative and surprising style that always identifies us so much, guarantor of our commitment to get it right, we have made the map that accompanies the invitation.

Paper type Lad paper, 300g
Type of card Card simple one face
Envelop type Envelope illustrated

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