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Some seeds, like the day of the lion, just the wind to propagate, flying like this in the clearest light, to bring new flowers later. It was a bit like that happened with Cristina Maser; We do not have the combination of two profiles, Cristina, fashion designer and Jorge, graphic designer & web and maybe a little bit of wind, so that the idea would germinate. You just had to blow ...


And so, as a butterfly that attracted by the red color gives us a poppy, in Cristina Maser, attracted by the natural and floral, by the slow and Japanese illustrations, inspired us through a style that dances between the BOHO and the ROMANTIC with brushstrokes VINTAGE. With this delicacy, and above all a fluid watercolor, we design a unique work for weddings and events and we conceive an inimitable brand idea helping other companies to design their image.


Understanding that a plant can be drowned, that the whole process needs its time, in Cristina Maser we respect, both in creation and in production, the essence of our small works. The goal is perfection and why we neither force nor run. We believe in craftsmanship, in what is done, in the hand with care and for that reason, in our center, the brush, the watercolor and what the client looks for. And thanks to technology we can turn the canvas into a product.


Confucius said that he bought flowers and that the beauty of these was enough reason to live. In Cristina Maser we have appropriated this idea, of beauty as a vital impulse. "Although we travel all over the world to find beauty, we must take it with us to find it."

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