Birth foils


How is it that something so important, such as our baby's date of birth, does not receive the honors it deserves in our home?

Of course, birth is much more than a date and, as Erich Fromm would say, it is more than an act, it is a process. But it is the moment when everything begins, it is the cause that has the most and varied effects of all known or that we are going to know. Reserve that day every year to celebrate such an event and, nevertheless, that celebrated day in a privileged place in our home, where you will commemorate the most extraordinary thing that has happened to us.

The best reminder of our baby's birth date can only be represented by an art print that speaks for itself in the most charming way possible. The reason is well worth it and so every time we look at the sheet, we can let ourselves be carried away by those sensations with which we have enriched ourselves by observing the growth of our son. The reminder and its proper location may include assuming the symbol of peace acquired by the accumulation of all those renewed feelings and thoughts resulting from the miracle of his and the passing of time.

If you still have not found what you are looking for, write to us, we also make personalized sheets