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Bebe estrella 2 Bebe estrella 2 con hojas y acuarelas Bebe estrella 2 con hojas y lineas

Description print

"You lived in me and I for you." Print for our #starbabies. Because they are part of us, of our family and they deserve a place in our shelter, in our home, with us. Having had a perinatal death is the hardest thing that can be lived and the need to have these babies close made us design these sheets. Always treating the "moment" with the greatest respect, love and beauty that characterizes us.

The idea is that you personalize it with the image of your star baby(s). We will take care of painting with all the love in the world.

Once the payment is made, we will need you to send us the photo of your child along with the text and aesthetics that you like to< /a>, we prefer that you send us the ones you have or the ones you like the most, so we will analyze them and present you the one that looks best in terms of portrait and composition.

High quality paper, 300gr laid.

VAT included

* Once the order is received, we will contact you to request the baby's data and be able to send you the sheets for your approval before sending it to print.

* Frame not included

* Shipping costs not included

* Delivery between 1 and 2 weeks approx.


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