cuaderno en acuarela


pack de cuadernos en acuarela
pack de cuadernos en acuarela


Exclusive watercolor designs
Size 21x15cm (A5)
Cover with texture 300gr
Smooth off-white inner sheets FSC paper
30 sheets, 90gr


€ 9.95 / unit, VAT included
Promotion: 3 notebooks: € 24.95, VAT included
Peninsular shipping: € 6.25 in Madrid € 4.25

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cuaderno en acuarela

Special notebooks

Writing by hand helps to create a material space where words find their best fit. It will be in that perfect place, in that notebook or notebook, where we will also discover the pleasure of writing down countless things, leaving our personal and non-transferable trace on the paper. 'To outwit the bad memory,' said one of the characters created by Isabel Allende. On many occasions we would like to remember that phrase or quote that motivated us so much and that, because we have not written it down, we are unable to remember. In others, reflections, ideas that come and go, if we don't stop doing what we were doing and write down. A poem, a description, revealing experiences, schemes, plans ...

And already set to this suggestive task, our notebook or notebook would have a privileged location, always close and in sight to reach it as soon as we feel the need to prevent something that occurs to us from ending up in oblivion. It could then happen that we begin to think that we belong in some way to that notebook, paraphrasing Hemingway. But what would such a circumstance mean, that feeling of mutual belonging? We think, for example, of the loyalty that we owe to ourselves, of the wonderful possibility of connecting with our best moments, with our past reflections, with our feelings, projects, events, coincidences and a long etcetera. From Cristina Maser, what we contribute is that such a special object, this notebook, acquires its best feature: the charm, the attractiveness of its cover.

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