2021 watercolors calendar

Wall Calendar

Wall calendar in watercolors, on FSC certified recycled paper. A4 size

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What do you find on it?

A calendar with which to be able to enjoy month by month the wild flowers and some details of the practice of Yoga. This year the theme is' Caring for Caring ', we want to surround ourselves with beauty, take care of ourselves and thus be able to take care of ourselves.' Although we travel all over the world to find beauty, we must take it with us to find it. '

What possibilities do they have

You can buy, 13 loosen sheets, The sheets with a file folder or A table calendar with a black ringed

Table Calendar

Table calendar in watercolors, on FSC certified recycled paper. A5 size

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What features do they have?

The paper used is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an international organization with the aim of promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide. In other words, by buying this calendar you will be contributing to the well-being of the planet. Everything is done by hand with watercolors, 7 of the 12 months represent wild flowers and details of the practice of Yoga.

¿Qué hace que este calendario sea tan especial?

If we have learned something this year it is to protect our health and at the same time protect that of others. Taking care of yourself alone would not make sense without taking care of the people who are part of our world. It is like a reflex action that At the same time it could not be more rational. Our own evolution has been carried out by trusting each other, working together to feed ourselves, cultivating the land and preserving everything that facilitates survival. We all rely on others and This mutual support emanates well-being. Nothing would be possible in a different key, because there is always someone who comes up with things that later materialize with the action of a large number of people: all those organized groups without whom it would be unimaginable to cross borders, expand horizons. From building a bridge to set foot on another shore that until then only had the character of a dream to being able to heal ourselves from multiple diseases that require the attention and zeal of experts. Trusting and protecting is part of the self-preservation instinct. Reason accounts for this just by stopping to think about the tranquility that feeling useful offers. And to the same extent to feel the protection of our fellow men in any adverse situation. This correspondence is our great asset as human beings; therefore, sustaining it despite all the multiple errors that are equally part of our successes will ensure that what is essential to achieve well-being remains.

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