Frequent questions

We married! And now what?

We know that there are many details that must be managed to reach the big day of your wedding. Meetings with suppliers, inspiration photos, dress, site, style, decoration, bouquet, costume and of course, the invitations! We are here to help you. For that, we will squeeze you to the fullest with questions, we will pass photos and suggestions with the objective of formalizing the invitation of your dreams. We put at your disposal our talent and experience. It will be easy, you will see. You just have to let go and say Go!


The pre-designed card is made in a month and a half. For a design from scratch, to measure, we need two and a half months.

Podemos ajustar los tiempo sin problema para aquellas que sean más urgentes, pero tendría un coste extra en función de la carga de trabajo que tengamos.

We can adjust the time without problem for those that are more urgent, but it would have an extra cost depending on the workload that we have.

For example: If you get married on June 6. Three weeks to close the idea and the initial budget. Two and a half months for design in case it is measured and fifteen days for printing. That is, we should start about four months before the moment you want to start delivering the invitations.

The printing time of a "normal" job (card, envelope and map on perjured paper) is often 10 business days from receipt of proof of payment. Respect to the "special" works (dry blow, printing out of joint in gold, etc.) ask us, because the days increase.


1. Make the budget and send it to us. You can make the budget as many times as you want and once you have found the desired option, you send us the budget (by clicking Send at the end of the process). We are very clear about prices, which puts in the budget, neither more nor less.

2. Have a meeting to exchange ideas and clarify possible doubts depending on the budget that you have sent us. It can be by Skype, by phone or in our studio. The objective is to close the idea and the initial budget to start working.

3. Once the design has been agreed, and if all the time, the first payment will be made, 50%. Need the income just to start work

4. We send you the design you have chosen. Pre-designed, adapted to you, or customized design and we are working and commenting until close. The personalized design and the end of the season will become a design designed so that other grooms will not be heard except for the express wish of the couple.

5. If everything is 'ok' you make the last payment (the remaining 50%). In this second payment, we adjust the initial budget to reality. From experience we know that there are usually several invitations or extras.

6. We send you the final files that we will take to the press for your final "ok". In the case of being a custom design, we will send to your email the images of the color tests for your approval and last comments. In the case of being a predesigned design we will send you by Email the definitive Final Arts to be printed. We are responsible for printing what has been approved and sent by email if after making the impression customers want to make changes must assume the cost of a new impression with the new modifications.

7. Once we start printing we will deliver the invitations in a maximum of 15 working days.

Design and print

We believe in a complete work and attention to detail from design to printing. Therefore, we do not separate the design of your impression. This is the best way to be original, sincere and coherent with our project. In the printing process, we do not earn more and it takes us a cost of time; but it allows us to be very aware of every detail and thus we can ensure the quality of the work.

In the same way we do not allow our designs to be taken and adapted for other formats without our express authorization.

International work

Do you live outside of Madrid? Although our studio is located in Madrid we work with boyfriends from all over the world. For that we are in the 21st century!


All our invitations are printed on high quality paper laid down in 300 gr. We usually use the common white, also called broken white. Our watercolors adapt perfectly to this texture and tonality.

Material we need

The information required to develop our work should be sent in a file that can be copied and pasted. As you want it to appear in terms of spelling and in the required languages. Unless express wish of the couple we do not review the texts they send us for the invitations.

For the drawings of the Maps we need good quality photos.

For the map we will send you an outline of the route that you will have to approve.


Pre-designed: The price of an invitation can not be changed in design or format (Card 21x15 cm, about 16x22 cm). In case you want changes, for example, if you want to change the font or move some flowers it will be 30€ per change

Design from scratch: Once the design has been agreed upon, 3 different options will be presented, from which one of them will be chosen and work will be carried out on it. More or less we made about three more feedbacks to polish that design. If you change the agreed general idea and you have to go back to the beginning, it would cost € 150. If you have to go back to the beginning because we can not formalize the idea, that process will not cost you (It's never necessary to go back to the beginning, with your help we usually get it right and you're happy the first time;)).