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Description wedding invitation

This wedding invitation is like an unveiled mystery that unfolds all the intensity of the event. An open secret, where "the voice" is gold. We understand that luxury is a way to distinguish ourselves, that is why all our wedding invitations acquire that particularity and in that sense they are all a luxury. However, for those who wish to give their invitations an even more differentiating plus, if possible, the gold stamping on the vegetable paper will be a success.

Due to the typeface of this design, the names seem to come up planning to end up performing a flight acrobatics. A serene and splendid image. The sealed envelope conveys the importance of the message, its relevance. Once opened, that personality is subtly exposed, making us fall in love. It is a landscape, because Cristina Maser always pays the tribute it deserves to nature. A very peaceful setting where water is the protagonist, very well accompanied by a tenuous forest formation that does not prevent us from appreciating the warm horizon.

The translucent card, defined by the golden text, credits the success of this invitation as an expression of the spirit that encourages you to get married.

Our event location maps are intended to intensify the seductive effect of the wedding invitation. Necessarily descriptive, this time the plan made in watercolor starts from delicate lines and features that trendy classic blue and earth tones that are still so topical.

Paper type Lad paper, 300g
Type of card Card simple one face
Envelop type Envelope illustrated

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