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Description wedding invitation

This wedding invitation is a whole romance written with your names. With this typeface, due to its particular and delicate stroke, a poem could be written. Romanticism defined an era, but above all a way of approaching what we all have: feelings. And these are always there. Emphasizing your names, we have added that testimony that we all share equally: nature in an exquisite manifestation.

The vintage style seems to last, we like it because we think that taking the past into account is an excellent way to live with the present, to understand that the styles that take root are always there to be reissued. We can introduce all the changes we want in the present thanks to the imagination but respecting its essence. Preserving that property that identified a style from the past is how we can recognize vintage. But what we find exciting is creating wedding invitations that excite you and consequently serve as a wonderful preamble to that important day. A guarantee of happiness for the future is to remember the moments that we have been happiest.

Our wedding invitations want to be the symbol of the most exciting day of your life.

Paper type Lad paper, 300g
Type of card Card simple one face
Envelop type Envelope illustrated

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