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Wedding invitation in rome','The uniqueness of this wedding invitation is inscribed in a composition that captures all the interest of the observer. It has an enveloping power and therefore will leave a penetrating mark on the memory. The long life of a wedding invitation lies not only in its power of attraction but also in its ability to hold your gaze.
The historic buildings, drawn with great care and detail, are joined by stylized trees. Nature is not only a distinction of our brand, Cristina Maser, in its infinite shapes and colors, but there is nothing better than it to beautify such representative buildings even more if possible.
The great sample of originality to complete the wonderful set consists of a delicate fan-shaped assembly. Each of its components is perfectly accommodated for reading the text it incorporates.
In total harmony with the rest, and with equally seductive characteristics, the drawing that represents the geographical location of the event is included.

Paper type Lad paper, 300g
Type of card Triptych
Envelop type Envelope illustrated

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