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Description wedding invitation

This wedding invitation reveals that art can be present in almost all facets of life. His great expressive power is based on his colorful brushstrokes. Modernism, Gaudí, the vividness of his architecture is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Each of the cards included in the invitation predisposes us to praise the event that will take place for the way it is announced, apart naturally from the shared illusion that it represents. As reflective crystals of the luminous sky and the earth that houses the beautiful building, the delicious essence of such a special celebration is captured.

The most unique thing about our wedding invitations has been the desire to maintain their artistic quality. Each of them represents a new challenge for Cristina Maser. Always trying to improve ourselves, this different way of getting to work is once again evident in these beautiful cards.

Design Custom design
Paper type Lad paper, 300g
Type of card Card simple one face
Envelop type Envelope illustrated

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