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Decorative sheet made by Cristina Maser. A reproduction of an original illustration made in watercolor and printed on laid paper of 220 grams. A paper with perfect texture for the watercolor stain. Get this sheet to give a special and natural touch to your space. You can hang it on the living room wall, in your bedroom, in the kitchen, in your children's room, in the hallway or you can give it to your mother or father, or your best friend, or your grandparents

VAT included

* Frame not included

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* Delivery between 1 and 2 weeks approx.

Our attention is also directed to your home. The refined and evocative style of the invitations is immediately evident in the decorative sheets that we present. Plants seem to invoke tranquility, calm and, knowing this, Cristina Maser allows herself to be enveloped by that magic that envelops us directly with nature to make these splendid watercolors. And since a story can always emerge behind the things we contemplate, we have written some inspired by the plates.

They got along so well that they had even come to resemble each other physically. But more importantly, nature had given them a gift that allowed them to know what they were thinking or feeling with almost no need to speak. For them, a gesture, a smile, a simple grin of satisfaction or disappointment was always much more valuable than a word. They had been through many difficulties; Maintaining such an intense friendship in which there was no possibility of hiding anything, usually leads to disappointment. However, those who, as they say, were not of the same blood, did seem to share their color, resounding and brand-new that could symbolize life, that force finally converted into a capacity for resistance. They had never cared about flattering each other, the way many people do with their friends. They were joined by true affection, which had taken root and grown without the mediation of an iota of disloyalty, without fear of watering that already fertile land that excesses weaken. Their great friendship used to behave as the most natural thing in this world, the two were part of it with a simplicity that people often rejected, that they even seemed to want to fight. That little world that the two of them had formed, did not intend to last forever, they were not naive, they knew perfectly well that nothing was eternal, not even the universe. Also, something magical had happened to them, a kind of miracle that they still found hard to believe. One night, from the terrace of their house located on the first floor, they saw someone in the garden that the facade faced. It was a boy leaning against a tree who seemed very thoughtful, very focused on himself. They both had the feeling that this young man was very special.

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