Eucalipto I

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Eucalipto I

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Decorative sheet made by Cristina Maser. A reproduction of an original illustration made in watercolor and printed on laid paper of 220 grams. A paper with perfect texture for the watercolor stain. Get this sheet to give a special and natural touch to your space. You can hang it on the living room wall, in your bedroom, in the kitchen, in your children's room, in the hallway or you can give it to your mother or father, or your best friend, or your grandparents

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Our attention is also directed to your home. And because a story can always emerge behind the things we contemplate, we have written some inspired by the pictures.

The trees were very tall and the scent of their leaves permeated my memory. I decided to lie on the ground next to the closest eucalyptus to be able to contemplate that sky woven by the leafy branches. The slight gait of the clouds made me feel myself moving. And I was in a way because I was escaping from the real world to enter the world of dreams. When you are falling asleep you notice many times how the two worlds begin to merge. I felt very comfortable, there are few things that equal that childhood well-being of feeling privileged by life, immune to any spectacular incident. The trees sheltered me and the sky warmed me, the temperature was ideal. Then leaves began to detach from the tree under which I slept, although I immediately noticed that it was small branches that I saw descending. And I thought of someone extremely tall who was cutting them for me. I wondered why he would, even though the giant was probably only thinking of giving me an even more pleasant sleep. The twigs were depositing around me until suddenly I felt the surface of the ground, on which I had lain, soft and welcoming. Unbeknownst to me, all the sheets were just below me serving as a mattress. The smell of eucalyptus became more penetrating, so much so that I heard my own voice exclaiming “stop cutting branches”. I told that man as big as the tree whom I could finally see.

Continuous on Plate Eucalyptus II

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