Eucalipto II

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Eucalipto II

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Decorative sheet made by Cristina Maser. A reproduction of an original illustration made in watercolor and printed on laid paper of 220 grams. A paper with perfect texture for the watercolor stain. Get this sheet to give a special and natural touch to your space. You can hang it on the living room wall, in your bedroom, in the kitchen, in your children's room, in the hallway or you can give it to your mother or father, or your best friend, or your grandparents

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* Delivery between 1 and 2 weeks approx.

Comes from Eucalyptus Plate I

The giant disappeared from my sight again. And the branches fell again. Nothing that happened surprised me, I remained in the same state of mind: extraordinarily calm and happy. The sky had clouded when the man appeared before me, this time at his natural size, the one corresponding to the small branches scattered next to me, left over from the plant bed on which I was lying. He was so small that I could barely make out his features. And I thought that maybe I couldn't understand what he was saying either, it was so tiny ... A faint sound reached my ears that I immediately attributed to his voice. Indeed, that tiny being was speaking to me. If only I had had a magnifying glass handy, although it would have been useless because I never knew how to read lips. The fall of the eucalyptus leaves on twigs stopped and the little one regained his gigantic appearance. It was too huge to be true, so I kept thinking that the true size of my companion must be the previous one he appeared to me. Surely that dilemma could be treated as a simple matter of taste, a matter of choosing between too big and too small.
-But can't you be normal?
After throwing my question, I figured that maybe he answered so loudly that it would be impossible to understand. After verifying that he did not show signs of having understood me, I no longer cared about his presence; I was so comfortable on the eucalyptus mattress and several twigs in my hands.

Continuous on Plate Eucalyptus III

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