Mediterranean invitation with olive trees

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Description wedding invitation

The flap of the envelope of this invitation is printed with a simple and genuine drawing to highlight the name of the contracting parties. A design as representative of our brand as it is perfect to accompany the elegant typography. Both in the interior section of the triptych and in the other compositions that make up this invitation, the typeface that conveys serenity is repeated.
When we open the envelope, we come across the amazing drawing of the flaps that close the triptych. The exceptional character of our precious illustrations is here evident with the representation of the Finca Comassema in Mallorca, place of the celebration. Enveloping and exclusive drawing in which a lush landscape surrounds the beautiful mansion that arose almost out of charm to the delight of those who will gather there.
Through the olive trees in our plan design, and along with all the other details of this invitation, we have tried to incorporate that Mediterranean soul so inherent to the Balearic archipelago.

Paper type Lad paper, 300g
Type of card Triptych
Envelop type Envelope lined

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